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Re: Chiron - Personnel – Corporate Officers

Chiron Intergalaxy – Personnel – Corporate Officers

CEO: Chief Executive Officer
Oversees all Departments.

Name: S. W. Houston
Species: Human - Male
Birth Place: Earth – United States of America – New Mexico
Age: 61 Years

COO: Chief Operations Officer
Assumes duty of CEO when CEO is absent.
(Directly oversees Procurement, Satellite, Protection and Resources Divisions)

Name: Kuvak
Species: Vulcan - Male
Birth Place: Vulcan
Age: 133 Years

CFO: Chief Financial Officer
Responsible for all Corporate Business Financial matters.
(and some of her own as time permits)

Name: Ishka
Species: Ferengi - Female
Birth Place: Ferenginar
Age: Undisclosed

CPO: Chief Procurement Officer
Coordinates and acquires all New/Used Parts and Systems.
(Communications Specialist – speaks 22 Languages)

Name: Burax
Species: Telaxian - Male
Birth Place: Telaxia - Rinax
Age: 88 Years

CRD: Chief of Research and Design
Heads Teams of Scientist and Design Engineers.
(Develops, improves and applies new Technology)

Name: Leyor
Species: Caldonian - Male
Birth Place: Caldonia
Age: 106 Years

CSS: Chief of Satellite Services
Coordinates all Orbital Sensory Detection and Communications Equipment.
(Sensors Specialist)

Name: Phloux
Species: Hierarchy – Male Clone
Birth Place: Hierarchy
Age: 66 Years

CPS: Chief of Protection Systems
Implementation and Maintenance of Protection, Sensory and Shielding Systems.
(Tactical Specialist, creates and logs scenarios for Protection of Vessels)

Name: K’mlhet son of K’rol
Species: Klingon - Male
Birth Place: Qo’noS
Age: 144 Years

CRS: Coordinator of Repair Services
Coordinates Dispatch, Cargo and Repair Services.
(Warp Field Specialist)

Name: Day Kannu
Species: Bajoran - Male
Birth Place: Bajor - Dema
Age: 45 Years

MDL: Military Interests Advisor – Diplomatic Liaison
A Star Fleet employee, stationed at Chiron Corporate Facilities
(Oversees Contractual and Hi-Security interests for Federation Projects)

Name: Richard Bennett, Federation, Starfleet Consultant (Admiral)
Species: Human - Male
Birth Place: Earth – Africa - Kenya
Age: 48 Years

DHS: Director of Hospitality Services
Oversees all areas of Hospitality within Modular Vehicle Services
(Includes Medical, Diplomatic, Pleasure and Colony Transport)

Name: Joval Delhius
Species: Risan - Female
Birth Place: Risa
Age: Undisclosed

DSR: Director of Species Resources
Seeks and develops Personnel Resources for Corporation and Auxiliary Departments.
(Telepathic ability used in selecting Personnel for Critical Assignments)

Name: Daggin Olem
Species: Ocampan - Male
Birth Place: Ocampa
Age: Undisclosed


Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation is an equal opportunity Employer.
Employment opportunities available for qualified personnel.
Multilingual applicants preferred.
Resume and References may be sent to:
Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation
2010 Utopia Planitia, Chiron Office Complex, Suite 9410.
Utopia Planitia, Orbital Sol IV, Sector 001.
Attn: Daggin Olem, DSR

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