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Dog breeding in the age of Starships

Okay. So...For the last 4 weeks, I've been living with a dog that was totally my mom's idea.

That said, for all the annoyances the little fuzzball (only 12 weeks old now) has presented, he's also posed a question.

We've seen Starfleet folks with pets. Data had Spot, Picard had Livingston (Yeah, I know, a goldfish doesn't really count!), Archer had Porthos, though I'm not sure how well a breed like a beagle would do aboard a starship.

So that sparks the question:

Presume for argument's sake you're designing/breeding a dog for life aboard starships, starbases, orbital habitats, etc.

What traits and physical features would you look for?

(I'm not sure whether genetically engineering of our four-legged friends is legal in the UFP, but presume it is.)

I'm not just thinking about results that could be accomplished via breeding...But also genetic engineering.

Simply put, what would you look for in a pet for Starship living?
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