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Re: Should There Be A Blu Ray Of The Animaited Series?

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Was the voicework for that game actually done? It's hard to imagine TPTB sitting on so much unused material like that,

about the TSOVF audio recordings made for it with the original cast:
I know for a fact that the audio was all recorded. De Kelley’s was done, but his was for an earlier incarnation, and was too sick to redo all his lines, so another guy did them. Paramount is sitting on a goldmine to Trek fans. Forget about a game, just turn it into a novel and use the audio for the read-along. Or perhaps animate it. Odds are that legally Paramount can’t do anything with it.
comment 6.

also see

also regarding the “The Secret of Vulcan Fury” story itself see
UPDATE: Secrets of Vulcan Fury Novel?

at the Trekmovie link above.
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