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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

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Hm, I didn't mean to be quite as harsh as I sounded.
Me neither- like I say, I prefer the tone on here to certain other places!

I think it was more an expectations thing; I expected all the stories to give us a little more insight into the collective psyche, if you will, of each race, and I suppose that's already been done with the Ferengi enough (especially in The 34th Rule and the Worlds of DS9 Ferengi story) that there just might not have been much of a way to do that here. And I was never a fan of the way the Ferengi were used on the show in the first place; the Quark episodes were always my least favorite ones. I felt like they could've actually made the Ferengi into a legitimate culture, instead of just using them for comic farce all the time. Playing an entire society purely for laughs got a little annoying after a while. Your story definitely hit that same tone, which I agree isn't necessarily a bad thing, just not my cup of tea.
Oh, don't worry I get that- it's just that I was aware of the limitation of the Ferengi subgenre when writing it, and tried to get a balance between being true to it (because it is popular, and there I guess I succeeded) and doing something new (which I guess I didn't succeed for you)

Hope I wasn't too discouraging. I'd certainly be interested in seeing you return to TrekLit
Heh, if only I could mention-

But no, not yet. Later this week...

in a story that's more towards my sensibilities.
And mine! I was kind of surprised to be asked to do the Ferengi one - I think after On The Spot the editorial staff figured I could be a tongue-in-cheek go-to guy, whereas Dr Who readers will probably tell you I'm more a good villains and nasty action go-to guy...

Don't be put off that I responded - it's always good to know what works and what doesn't.
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