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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

Well, that makes me feel... that I've totally failed, as there is definitely supposed to be new stuff to Reservoir Ferengi, in the sense of their attitude to war and violence, which hasn't been really been addressed in the show. It's supposed to have narrative flair too, with sweeping descriptions, structure, quick dialogue and such, but anybody on Jade Pagoda will tell you I always fail there too.

OTOH, folks who followed me in from DW will tell you I have to sweat blood to get light and fluffy, and am much better being nasty and gritty, so I guess I ought to do something more serious next time out...

But I got paid, so what the hell.

And it *is* nice to see the thread actually get back on topic - I was beginning to think nobody had read it yet...

It's also interesting - and good! - to see the difference between negativity here ("IMO the story failed") and negativity in DW fandom ("the writer is a childish twat who should be banned from writing.") This is better...
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