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Re: HP's competition for the iPad!

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Flash isn't as important an issue as apple is winning that war with many sites going html5 because of the iPad
Apple will never win the HTML5 v flash war. No company will. As it stands HTML5 video will not come with any DRM restrictions (something flash does have), so if you are watching a video on YouTube all you need to do is right-click and download it. That's fine for most of the user-made videos on the site, but official videos from media providers will not allow a system where their content can be downloaded by even the dumbest of internet users. For this reason YouTube's HTML5 beta does not play videos with ads, for that it goes back to flash. Official music videos will probably have the same limitation if they don't have it already. A website like Hulu will probably never make the move to HTML5 video.

Flash isn't going anywhere any time soon, and Apple's probably not going to add flash to the iPad/iPhone any time soon.
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