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Re: HP's competition for the iPad!

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By the way, if USB or SD card ability is that big a deal, the Apple iPad Camera kit gives you both abilities for $29.
Come on... you know damn well how incredibly pathetic it is to exclude a USB port or card reader from a device like this. It's just plain sad... and an artificial limitation because Apple has a stupid tiered pricing scheme for internal memory. An SDXC slot of the iPad would destroy their ridiculous pricing for 16gb/32gb/etc models.

A USB port on a tablet would make it easy for people to interact with actual FILES on the device and make it a useful tool for photographers in the field... or just about anyone else that might want to transfer music, video, documents, whatever. If I want to move something from a computer it's pretty darn easy to drag and drop rather than establish a BT connection.
You fail to see the future, my friend. Devices such as this are not storage devices... Much like the ahead of it's time concept from TNG, the iPad is a Personal Access Display Device.

What does this mean, that you don't need super amounts of storage built in. Why, because the vast majority will all be stored, and protected, off device. In the home, it will access your media server, a computer with 4 or 5 tb of storage. Music, pics, movies, tv, all streamed over wireless to your device. Not home, you have the "cloud" to access such things, streaming iTunes is mere months away at this point, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, ect... everything media content wise is accessible over the "web". Apple is starting to take this further with MobileMe, which adds even more "networked" abilities to the device.

The key with PADD like devices right now, is to resist the urge to think of them as "tablet PC's" or "netbook replacements" because these things are not computers and shouldn't be thought of as such. It's an access point, a Window if you will, to content, to the internet, ect.

On board storage is really, if you look at it in these terms, for downloaded apps, and limited downloaded content for use "off network".

Apple really has it's head in trek as far as this is going.

iPhone and iPod Touch = Communicator/tricorder
iPad = PADD's

Hell, the entire apple family of products could be equated to the various levels of trek computers, Even iPhone OS has been equated as a real world LCARS, which is fitting really as it stood for Library Computer Access/Retrieval System A UI designed for simplicity to access information from a central library computer storage database...

Why does that sound familiar again? Because that is exactly what apple's CE devices do.

Look at trek, and you will see where apple is headed.
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