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Re: HP's competition for the iPad!

Data Holmes wrote: View Post
By the way, if USB or SD card ability is that big a deal, the Apple iPad Camera kit gives you both abilities for $29.
Come on... you know damn well how incredibly pathetic it is to exclude a USB port or card reader from a device like this. It's just plain sad... and an artificial limitation because Apple has a stupid tiered pricing scheme for internal memory. An SDXC slot of the iPad would destroy their ridiculous pricing for 16gb/32gb/etc models.

A USB port on a tablet would make it easy for people to interact with actual FILES on the device and make it a useful tool for photographers in the field... or just about anyone else that might want to transfer music, video, documents, whatever. If I want to move something from a computer it's pretty darn easy to drag and drop rather than establish a BT connection.
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