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Re: HP's competition for the iPad!

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That's just a mock up at this point...
The technology is already there, particularly if you've seen the latest HP desktop touch. Give it a few months at max, and it will be on store shelves, and HP will sell it for significantly less than the iPad, and it will be far superior in terms of flexibility.
By that point in time, iP os 4.X will be out which is supposed to offer multitasking, Flash isn't as important an issue as apple is winning that war with many sites going html5 because of the iPad, I don't see any functional benefit to having USB ports on a PADD type device, as it's primary method of data transfer will be wireless via bluetooth or wifi. So the only thing this thing will really have as a built in over the iPad is the SD card reader capability.

By the way, if USB or SD card ability is that big a deal, the Apple iPad Camera kit gives you both abilities for $29.
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