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Re: Star Trek: Online: The Needs of the Many - Discussion (Spoilers)

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That kind of directive is one worth being disobeyed, if that were the case.
Uh, that's not his choice to make. If the game developers want the tie-in novel to be a certain way, it's his job to make it that way. It's their playground.

But if the authorial intent is to imply that the psychos ARE the typical soldier and that Jake DID somehow do his due diligence...then that says more about the author and editor than anything else by FAR.
And, once again, nobody has presented any actual evidence that this is the case. They've taken ONE case and blown it all out of proportion in order to give themselves a soapbox on which to stand and condemn Martin for being somehow "anti-soldier" -- ignoring contradictory evidence from his previous novels and ignoring the alternate interpretation of the one case from The Needs of the Many that DerangedNasat offered. It's a fairly disgusting personal attack on Martin.
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