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Re: Why no Andorians in the TNG/DS9/VOY era?

I have a love/hate relationship with the Andorians. When I first saw them as a child I thought they were weird. Then I think I liked them for sentimental reasons. When ENT brought them back I was impressed...much like with the series premiere "Broken Bow," but then quickly got over it. I guess I too feel the antennae are kind of silly on otherwise normal light blue humans. Worse was Combs' slight Southern accented, out-of-shape warrior Shran.

I guess I would have preferred more complex make-up for them. Contact lenses, latex, teeth, hand make-up, weird skeletal protrusions under their uniforms, some more androgynous actors for different members of the four different sexes, and different accents...maybe similar to Shras's(?) from TOS's "Journey to Babel" - yeah they have different accents throughout their planet/memberworld but not just not Combs'. ...My $.02.
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