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Re: long waits on Netflix

You might just want to call them up and see what's going on. They have excellent customer service reps.
Already did that. I got through quickly, the guy was nice but he had no solution to my problem. Either he couldn't solve my problem, or he wouldn't. He didn't explain "what was going on." Either he didn't know, or he wouldn't admit it. I suspect the latter, since he made an oblique comment about Netflix needing to "change its business model." He also said they'd had "problems" with Inglorious Bastards in particular. No elaboration there, either. The pauses in the conversation strongly suggested he'd been told just what to say and what not to say.

So there seems to be a lot more going on behind the scenes at Netflix than they will admit, and could be something that people haven't even theorized about in this thread. Either way, I don't regard customer service as "excellent" unless they solve my problem, so as far as I'm concerned, they get an F for customer service.

The Hangover was long-waited for me, too. Maybe my problem is that I put every movie that turns out to be in demand in my queue, whereas other people just put a couple. Also, I never see movies "by other means" because I am totally pigheaded and DEMAND that Netflix send me the damn movie like they're supposed to!
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