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Re: Why doesn't Spock Prime go back in time to save Vulcan?

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The characters were talking about the timeline wanting to repair itself, as though the timeline is sentient. That's ludicrous and also contrived.
Is it? Many years ago, I heard (or read) a SF writer saying that "time is a river" and, just as a river may try to recreate its original path if blocked, then so may a timeline try to correct itself as best it can. I even used it in a ST fanfic way back in the mid 80s, based on that line.
Mmmmm, okay. Like every other fictional element, the "timeline wants to follow a certain path" could be used well or poorly. But it's in that class of plot devices like "destiny" and "the One who will do blah blah and make all things right again" that I find is far more often used badly than well, because such things are too tempting as a means for getting a writer out of a plotline jam or making an otherwise pedestrian story seem "profound."
It's the "will of the Force" from Star Wars.
Star Wars mysticism is not something I want to see creeping into Star Trek. Not that the Force was touted too heavily as having a will of its own - in the OT, you could interpret it as a neutral force of nature or a diety or somewhere inbetween. As for the PT, I just tuned out of most of what they were babbling.

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