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Re: long waits on Netflix

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Netflix sucks unless it's old and/or unpopular. The view it now option through the internet or console such as Xbox is a joke unless you are interested in something old as dirt. You cannot even view new releases that are not popular through the instant viewing option.
Most of this is a lie.
I dunno, it corresponds pretty closely to my experience (in San Francisco - maybe living in the sticks helps?) Add the problem that Netflix will deliberately withhold the good stuff as punishment if you're smart enough to realize, the name of the game is rapid rate of turnover of DVDs. They selectively want to winnow out customers like me that they are losing money on, and keep the laggards that they make the most profit from.
I dunno, for a while I was on the 3 disc plan and would go through 9-12 discs a week, and I never once had trouble getting the discs I want.

However, since the instant library continues to grow (a bunch of new stuff got added earlier in the week), I find myself using that a whole lot more. As others have said, I'd strongly suggest getting a device that allows you to play it on your TV (I use PS3). The quality is just as good as a DVD.

Also, I'd hardly call Chicago "the sticks."
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