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Re: long waits on Netflix

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Netflix sucks unless it's old and/or unpopular. The view it now option through the internet or console such as Xbox is a joke unless you are interested in something old as dirt. You cannot even view new releases that are not popular through the instant viewing option.
Most of this is a lie.
I dunno, it corresponds pretty closely to my experience (in San Francisco - maybe living in the sticks helps?) Add the problem that Netflix will deliberately withhold the good stuff as punishment if you're smart enough to realize, the name of the game is rapid rate of turnover of DVDs. They selectively want to winnow out customers like me that they are losing money on, and keep the laggards that they make the most profit from.

I've caught up with Califorincation and 30 Rock. Hardly old as dirt.
TV series aren't as bad as new movie releases - summer blockbuster type films are by far the worst. 30 Rock is on network TV, so probably isn't in huge demand. HBO/Showtime are worse, since people who don't subscribe can only see it on DVD. When the new season of something like The Tudors, Big Love and Entourage pops into my regular queue, the first disk is usually Long Waited, but it's the honest Long Wait that corresponds to Netflix's own stated policy, not the bullshit three-months Long Wait.

The main annoyance is, you gotta be careful or you end up getting disk 2 first. Netflix needs to institute a feature for TV series where you can link DVDs so that you can't get disk 2 before disk 1, etc.
And, just looking now, The Proposal, Julie and Julia, Angels and Demons are available for watch now.
I got over 200 DVDs in my queue but not those. Because I heard they suck. New stuff that isn't popular doesn't get Long Waited.

For instance, I have The Informant!, Afghan Star, Gamer* and Departures in my "regular" profile - all recent, none Long Waited. They are too obscure, foreign and/or sucky to be in demand.

*I know it's bad! I know! I know! I want to see it anyway, just to laugh at how bad it is. Milo Ventimiglia's "performance" alone is reportedly worth the rental.
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