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Re: BOOM! A shot into the iPad's heart.

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Are people buying it because it's useful or because it's an Apple product? Now I'm not one of those Apple haters out there but I seriously have to ask sometimes. Some people seem to love anything Apple.

I personally don't mind this device. It reminds me of Star Trek padds. The day where everything is written on a padd instead of paper is a beautiful tree saving day. I can't wait for it. To bad for the Finns though.
We'll probably need that tree to absorb the carbon dioxide released into the air generating the power to recharge the iPad.

Really people, much of the paper produced in the last several decades is made from modest sized pine "trees" grown as a crop on tree farms. We should feel less guilty about utilizing them than food crops like wheat and corn because we are using a much greater percentage of the plant. The difference is that the trees grown to produce pulp take a dozen years or so to grow, instead of the few months for many food crops.

I find concern over the chemicals used to bleach the pulp used in paper manufacturing somewhat more creditable. A beige to light brown pine wood color would probably be a little easier on most people's eyes anyway.

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