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Re: BOOM! A shot into the iPad's heart.

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Are people buying it because it's useful or because it's an Apple product? Now I'm not one of those Apple haters out there but I seriously have to ask sometimes. Some people seem to love anything Apple.

I personally don't mind this device. It reminds me of Star Trek padds. The day where everything is written on a padd instead of paper is a beautiful tree saving day. I can't wait for it. To bad for the Finns though.
Well some people are of course those who have brand loyalty (and every company has them), but for myself I have both Mac products and others (currently HP, Dell) for computers for MP3 players it took me a while to get an ipod (as I used an incredibly cheap Sansa instead (until I needed much larger and easier to organize files) and I have no interest at all in the iphone.

For myself this device for price did what I had hoped netbooks would allow, but I hated them as they could perform the tasks I wanted they could not provided the movement range, and ease of use (not the software or the hardware, though to be far I didn't really care for that aspect of the two netbooks I had) but how I could physical interact with the device.
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