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Re: long waits on Netflix

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Does Netflix ship from just one location? My dvds shipped out on Monday and I only got mine on Thur. I'm on trial subscription now and I don't know if I'm gonna continue.
Nope, they have locations all over the country. I usually gets discs the day after they ship them.
My "local" warehouse is about three hours from where I live. So I have a good turnaround. If I play it right I can turn and burn three or four films a week.
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Three hours or hundreds of miles it should not matter. Each Netflix warehouse is on a next day deliver schedule to its area through the postal service. Occasionally an address will be misread and routed to the wrong route or a carrier error will see it delivered to a next door neighbor which will cause a delay.

If Netflix has to ship from another warehouse which often happens with the more niche market and foreign titles it will take a couple of days but they send an email informing you that they had to ship from somewhere else..

Although the service is supposed to be universal some piggies are more valuable then others mail wise.
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