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Re: Star Trek: Online: The Needs of the Many - Discussion (Spoilers)

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I have not met a soldier who ever acted like that and in my time of service I met World War II to Iraq War Vets. Like I said before, the author should have watched the Vet interviews with the Band of Brothers DVD for a good idea on how Vets actually act.
You know, I was actually going to recommend that same DVD before you said it. We Stand Alone Together is an EXCELLENT look at real veterans...humble men who have their scars, yes--but the majority of them actually have it together. And contrary to common misconception, just because they weren't in Vietnam or Iraq--just because they fought in a war that were (and are) less contested by the public--doesn't mean those guys didn't go through a lot of rough stuff, that they didn't see things that would haunt them forever. One word, folks: BASTOGNE.

It really makes you wonder how much the difference might actually be in how the military is treated after they return home.

The great thing about Band of Brothers was that it presented a BALANCED picture of the military. Some people ended up really thriving in that environment. Winters, for one, and even with all he suffered, Guarnere stands out as someone who would've had every excuse in the world to be bitter and yet he is not. Others clearly suffered seriously...Compton and Nixon definitely had problems. (But they DID make something of themselves when they got home, don't forget.)

I think what it sounds like people are pointing out about this book is a lack of balance. The military is actually a diverse bunch, like any group of people. But to just portray them with ONE voice, as though that's all there is and there's no need to go deeper...that's where the problem comes in. Without balance, what evidence is there that there's anything but someone's ideology in play?
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