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Re: Star Trek: Online: The Needs of the Many - Discussion (Spoilers)

I read the first chapter in the bookstore and put it right back on the shelf. I don't know if the author was being anti-soldier or anything like that, but it doesn't matter because he's just a really poor writer . I'd say that he plagiarized World War Z, except that World War Z was actually enjoyable to read. Max Brooks's use of military slang in World War Z was a little uneven, but nowhere near the cliche density of this hoary old garbage. Sample passage:

"Ah yeah, the TR-116, my sweetheart. We called her the T-Rex for short. I dropped sites on the nearest Tricycle and popped its dome with a clean three round burst. His Deano buddies closed on me. I thumbed the selector switch to full-auto and I managed to put down two more of the Tricycles before my T-Rex snapped shut on an empty chamber. I had no time to ram home a fresh mag before they were on me, and with more Squids dying in space by the minute I had to work quick. So I pulled out my Shark toothpick and..."

That's not an actual line from the book, but close enough. That's just bad writing right there. Really bad. It reads like a parody, written by one of my high school students. And then ho boy when the grunt pulls out his k-bar and starts getting all creepy and Full Metal Jacket-y on Jake, that's when I just groaned and closed the book. I can't emphasize enough how much it seemed like a really poor man's Star Trek version of World War Z.
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