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Re: Why doesn't Spock Prime go back in time to save Vulcan?

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They wanted to have their cake and eat it too. And that's just what they did.
Sure, I agree that was what they wanted. But you can't actually do that (that's why it's an aphorism, you know?), so it's no surprise to me that they fell short.

I honestly think they could have attracted just as many new ticket-buyers, and offended far fewer existing fans, if they'd just opted for a clean reboot. Could've still said sub rosa that it was a "parallel universe," but they wouldn't have had any stray continuity issues to navigate around.

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Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
The characters were talking about the timeline wanting to repair itself...
I've seen it described elsewhere as a quantum mechanical fate function...
Pseudoscientific lipstick on a pig. I agree with Temis that it's ludicrous blather, of a sort that Trek has mostly avoided in the past.
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