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Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.

Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation

Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation, is a Privately Owned Corporation, which designs, manufactures and repairs Space Vehicles and Retrofits Systems for Military, Industry, Fleet and Private use.

We are proud to have connections in all the Quadrants with many Species, affording our New and Rebuilt Ships, Offensive and Defensive Security product lines to be the most Technologically Advanced in the Galaxy.

Our staff of Engineers are constantly designing and applying various unique applications, and those will be available for your consideration and application, in this Thread, as time permits. Numerous personnel employed by The Chiron Corporation, have graduated from Starfleet Technical Services Academy, before moving into the Private sector with us.

Our Main Corporate Offices are located in the Utopia Planitia Office Complex, adjacent to the Shipyards, and we have Branch Offices and available Repair Facilities on all of the Major Space Stations for your convenience.

In addition to our Production and Repair Facilities, we have Mobile Units which have a very high Warp capability, and can reach any Vessel which is in distress with record speed. Replenishment Intercepts and Towing Services are also available. Contact our Emergency Dispatch number below.

Our Mobile Repair Modular Ships, have sufficient resources to supply your Vessel with replenishments of Deuterium, Food Supplies, Power Generating Equipment and various other elective and necessary supplies.

New Warp Cores come with Limited Warranty, available only via Special Order.
Rebuilt Cores are nonreturnable after 30 days of service.
We also provide Extended Warranties, and Maintenance Contracts on selected Vessels.
(100,000 Light Years Maximum on any Vessel)

We encourage you to visit our Passenger and Crew Support Area, should your Vessel need repairs in Space.
We have Hollodecks, Quarters and various services which you may enjoy while repairs are being made. Special accommodations can be made for Species specific nutritional and gravity needs.

Compensation for any of our services, can be made with any United Federation of Planets approved currency, most Credit Cards are accepted, and Financing is available to most Species.
Romulan Express Credit Cards will not be honored.
Confidential inquires respected.

Thank you for choosing Chiron, and we look forward to your business.

S. W. Houston, CEO.
2010 Utopia Planitia, Chiron Office Complex, Suite 9400.
Utopia Planitia, Orbital Sol IV, Sector 001.
Telephone: BR-549 (Requires a Rotary Dial Phone)

Our Emergency Dispatch:
Subspace: 001-04-HELPMENOW (001-04-435763669)

PS: Please check back here in this Thread, for Posts showing new Vessels and or Products as they are developed.
Author & CEO of Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
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