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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello, I'm Sal'ira. That's not my RL name, but I wish it was.

I first got into the whole Star Trek one December while my family was moving. I was flipping through the channels of the television, all alone at home while my parents took things to the new house, when I happened upon this show on SyFy. This was this very interesting, silver-skinned man on there. It was the tail-end of the episode, but I fell in love. I like to think it's because of Data that I became a Trekkie.

My favorite character is Data. I also fancy Q and the Vulcan engineer, Taurik. Any scene with Data and Geordi together is just fine in my book. (: And I don't think they had enough Cardassians in the series. That's just me, of course.
Kira: "Why? He wasn't Darhe'el!"
Kainon: "He's a Cardassian. That's reason enough."
Kira: "No... It's not."
-After Kainon kills Marritza (ST: DS9, "Duet")
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