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Re: long waits on Netflix

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Blockbuster has gotten pathetic over the past year. They have long been accused of taking their time with shipments to customers who have a fast turn-around time (which is true in my case). Plus, they started counting the free store rentals I took home in exchange for the mailed ones in the "at home" section, which further slowed the process.
I experienced the same thing, Blockbuster would receive a returned movie on Tuesday and not ship the next title until Friday or the next Monday. I switched to Netflix in October and like it better than BB.

I am on a two at a time plan, and most ship from Richmond, VA (the closest mailing center to me). I was surprised last week however, when I had two movies out already, and Netflix sent me an email stating they had located a copy of the movie that was listed #1 in my queue at another distribution center. When I got it the return address was in Tacoma, WA.

I returned one of my movies yesterday (one that came from Richmond), and they shipped a replacement, so basically right now they're giving me three movies out on a two movie plan.
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