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Re: Shyamalan talks about AIRBENDER's "racebending" issues

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Shyamalan has a duty to make sure that the movie's just like the show-period.
No he doesn't.

Making any creative endeavor exactly like something else is a waste of time and effort.
Sorry, but if he adapts a TV show that features people of colour as the main characters, then he has a responsibility to cast actors of colour in all of the primary roles. This is whitewashing on an epic scale, done mainly to placate white America into buying tickets. And it comes from a person of colour himself.

Check out how people of colour are feeling about this here: Race + Fandom Roundup: M. Night on Airbender, and Tales of Two Amandas

And here: Avatar:Get a tan, become Asian

The white cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender

On Avatar, casting, and other such matters (AKA why doesn't Hollywood have a clue?)

This Matters: Avatar The Last Airbenderís Friky Diky Cast

Avatar: The Last Airbender Culture Comparison*

*Here's the video to go along with it:

Check out all of the comments in each link, and then come back and tell me that this movie is going the way it should.
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