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Re: Alexa Davalos: Genre babe of the week #10 (April 2010)

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She does have a pretty face.

Agreed. Up.

But, who is she? Never heard of her.
I really don't understand what you guys are seeing in her.

Shamelessly pillaged from the OP, here is the pic that I feel most clearly illustrates her problems (click for the necessary resolution):

First of all, her forehead is all pock-marky, it kind of looks like one of Edward James Olmos's cheeks. Her skin in general isn't very good. Then there's the jawline. Even if you are into that 'Sgt. Slaughter' type jaw... and even if you actually like a cleft chin on a female, it's obvious that the cleft isn't even close to symmetrical.

The fact that she's even hovering above 50 percent is a bit of a joke, but I guess there's a certain bump you get for shooting lightning out of your hands on a Whedon show.
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