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Re: Shyamalan talks about AIRBENDER's "racebending" issues

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Mako was the only person of an Asian ethnicity who did voice acting for the series, do you see any conflicts there? Were the creators racist and short sighted? Is it about giving fair representation to asian actors or is it purely about the way the movie LOOKS? Because if it's about the way the movie LOOKS, the kid who is playing Aang looks EXACTLY like the cartoon. The character in the cartoon does not look Tibetan or Chinese. For reference, here is Aang:

Here are some Tibetan children.

1) Voice-acting isn't the same as playing in live-action; creators often do try to cast minority voices for minority characters, but it isn't the same.

2) The art thing has been discussed before; it's anime-style. The Air Nomads are quite clearly modelled on Tibetans. Younger characters in anime usually have that sort of look; older ones (such as the Airbender Elders) are drawn more realistically.
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