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Re: Nolan -verse update

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When you look at the story developed so far there are plenty of places to go and in terms of tone and scale, it doesn't really have to "top" TDK. Remember Begins was a relatively quiet movie.
Begins also came before TDK, though. There's often a tendency in sequels for the subsequent films to need to be louder, which can feel detrimental - Star Wars, for example, has never found a climax as elegantly-to-the-point as the canyon run of X-Wings.
Granted. But it's easy to make the case that TDK was actually not louder than Begins - certainly it's climatic scenes weren't. Begins ends with massive explosions and falling towers. TDK ends with a standoff, where nothing ultimately happens, a few fistfights and then a dramatic character scene. It's a more tense movie, indeed it functions largely on anxiety and it does include some fairly loud set pieces but it didn't seem set up to be bigger and louder in the traditional way of action sequels.
Agreed. Here, the signature action set piece seemed to be the armored car chase midway through the movie. In that respect, The Dark Knight reminds me of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. That movie climaxed halfway through with Gandalf's encounter with the Balrog at the bridge. Everything after that felt like an hour's worth of winding down (even when Boromir died and they were all attacked by Orcs).

I think Nolan's problem with Batman III will be finding a villain to top or even equal the Joker. Batman Begins dealt with the 2 remaining great villains that Burton & Schumacher never got around to-- Ra's al-Ghul & Scarecrow. The Dark Knight gave us Nolan's take on Batman's most iconic villain--the Joker--and a non-botched take on Two-Face, making up for Tommy Lee Jones' half-assed Joker-rip-off in Batman Forever. But beyond them, who else is there?

No matter what they did with the Riddler, I don't think they can help him feeling like Joker-lite. Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, & Bane are all too scientifically goofy to fit in Nolan's universe. I'm not sure the Penguin has the proper villainous heft to be the big bad. Catwoman brings too many shades of gray to be the big bad.

I'd say that Nolan's best bet would be to bring back the Joker had Heath Ledger not died.
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