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I have never seen ZOMBIELAND..and I want too. Is it appropriate for an almost 8 year old kid to see? My son has already seen movies like DIE HARD and ALIENS and loves them, with the cussing and all, and he hasn't been affected in a bad way at all. (Okay, he called his sister shithead one day, but ..she was)...

If he's seen Die Hard and Aliens then Zombieland isn't likely to contain anything worse than either of those movies, although I wouldn't exactly say this movie is appropriate for an 8-year-old.

Nudity: None other than a stripper (with pasties on the nipples) during the opening credits sequence. No significant nudity during the main nartative of the movie.

Violence: Lots of it, but it's over-the-top violence/blood and only in the movie's "action sequences."

Language: Strong, but not much worse than movies like Die Hard.
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