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Re: Nolan -verse update

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Granted. But it's easy to make the case that TDK was actually not louder than Begins - certainly it's climatic scenes weren't. Begins ends with massive explosions and falling towers. TDK ends with a standoff, where nothing ultimately happens, a few fistfights and then a dramatic character scene. It's a more tense movie, indeed it functions largely on anxiety and it does include some fairly loud set pieces but it didn't seem set up to be bigger and louder in the traditional way of action sequels. The villain was more frightening though and that may be the thing that is difficult to "top".
To me, the difficulty in 'topping' Dark Knight will be a question of scale. Begins was, despite the threat to Gotham as a whole, very much a film about one character's psyche--the scale of the peril was to motivate the character. DK, though, was a film about the psyche of a city--Gotham itself taking center stage as a character of sorts. So I wonder, after turning the very conscience of the city into the film's ideological battleground, what can he do for an encore?

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True - but the issue of Gotham's psyche was not at all resolved by TDK. In fact it was a pretty classic Act Two ending, that is things seem at their worst. Yes, the city has its hero in Harvey Dent - but it's a lie and its true hero is in exile. All a new story has to do is continue with the resolution of redemption of the city's soul. And when I say classic, I mean classic - the echoes are of Thebes and Oedipus, or the Fisher King and the Grail.
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