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Re: Iron Man 2: Build up till release DISCUSSION

^Wow, that figure is infinitely better than some of the lame action figures Hasbro has been putting out for their regular line. That one is bigger, more articulated, and just a much better figure. I'm definitely going to buy that when I can.

Also, on the topic of posters, the Iron Man films have generally mediocre or bad posters. It was the same case with the first film and now the second.

As for the film, I am relatively looking forward to it. I thought the first film was a genuine surprise, even though it was extremely over-hyped (it was basically a generic action/superhero summer blockbuster -- the only thing that made it unique was the added presence of Robert Downey Jr.). I have a feeling the second film will just be more of the same, and plus, my friend who works at Marvel said it was awful, so that diminished my hopes a bit. We'll see, though. I have an open mind.
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