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Re: Nolan -verse update

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When you look at the story developed so far there are plenty of places to go and in terms of tone and scale, it doesn't really have to "top" TDK. Remember Begins was a relatively quiet movie.
Begins also came before TDK, though. There's often a tendency in sequels for the subsequent films to need to be louder, which can feel detrimental - Star Wars, for example, has never found a climax as elegantly-to-the-point as the canyon run of X-Wings.
Granted. But it's easy to make the case that TDK was actually not louder than Begins - certainly it's climatic scenes weren't. Begins ends with massive explosions and falling towers. TDK ends with a standoff, where nothing ultimately happens, a few fistfights and then a dramatic character scene. It's a more tense movie, indeed it functions largely on anxiety and it does include some fairly loud set pieces but it didn't seem set up to be bigger and louder in the traditional way of action sequels. The villain was more frightening though and that may be the thing that is difficult to "top".

It seemed as informed by stories like The Godfather as it was by the cheeseball adolescent muscleman fantasies superheroes often devolve into.
Let's hope he doesn't take a page from The Godfather Part III, then.
YIKES! Perish the thought. Wouldn't mind something along the lines of Godfather II though - dissension and betrayal in the ranks while trying to bring a brutal underground operation into the light.

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I've never understood the hate for the "Batman voice." It always made perfect sense to me.
It sounds silly. Sense has nothing to do with it, and if we want to bring sense into the equation there's reams of stuff about Batman that don't make a whole lot of sense.
Too true. That's why the voice doesn't trip me up. When it comes to a vigilante dressing up in a giant bat costume, his growly voice is the least of things I need to suspend my disbelief over.
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