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Re: Nolan -verse update

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So, no-one in favour of making the 3rd movie the weakest one in the series
I wouldn't be surprised if that happens.

Call me a doomsayer; but it is hard to see how they can go anywhere but down after The Dark Knight. That is a hard act to follow and an even harder act to top. If the next film is merely okay, or just good, it could be slammed as the worst thing ever - and heaven forbid if it's a little bad.
I don't know. I mean, you're right that it's likely the fanboy reaction will be negative no matter what happens because Joker is one of those characters that just gives comics fanboys a major hardon, so they may be disappointed in any case. But I think critics and people with a little bit of perspective on story (that is, not just interested in having their wish fulfillment fantasies up on screen) will give a third installment a fair shake. When you look at the story developed so far there are plenty of places to go and in terms of tone and scale, it doesn't really have to "top" TDK. Remember Begins was a relatively quiet movie. The only standard I will hold it to is I want to see it have the same sort of balls the first two have had in terms of laying out a vision of the character and his world that is consistent and unbound by comic book and the conventional wisdom of superhero movies. What had my mouth hanging open during TDK was just that it went places I never expected a comic book movie to go. It seemed as informed by stories like The Godfather as it was by the cheeseball adolescent muscleman fantasies superheroes often devolve into.

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So, no-one in favour of making the 3rd movie the weakest one in the series

The consensus is that the third movie in virtually any superhero franchise (which has gotten that far) is weaker than its predecessors. Superman III, Spider-man 3, X3, Batman Forever, Blade Trinity.

Indeed, nearly all third movies in a trilogy end up being the weakest, from Godfather III, to Return of the Jedi. Only Bourne and Die Hard break the jinx (well, you could also include Revenge of the Sith and some might include Indiana Jones 3).

Unfortunately for Superman and Batman, Supes IV and Batman & Robin were even worse than their predecessors ...
I wouldn't say Bourne broke the usual pattern. The third movie almost put me to sleep and it had about zero story. All that build up and the final character crisis is just the basic assassin's dilemma? La Femme Nikita told that story much better in one-third of the time.

The threequel issue may indeed be hard to circumvent (I would definitely include Indiana Jones, Pirates, Star Wars, and Star Trek for that matter), but it can be done. Return of the King, Back to the Future, Army of Darkness, Escape from Planet of the Apes. They're a minority, but they're out there.
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