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Re: Star Trek: Online: The Needs of the Many - Discussion (Spoilers)

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I dont mind the interview style, it reminds me of World War Z. That first interview with the MACO really irks me, seriously, why didn't the author just watch Band of Brothers interviews with the old paratroopers. They didn't sound like that.
For some reason (and maybe OT a bit), this reminded me of M&M's ENT novel The Last Full Measure, which dealt quite heavily with the MACO's.

I seem to recall a bit of an uproar about that novel..

anything rings a bell?
I didn't like that one either. Seriously, I really hate it when the peacemongers get the military persona all wrong. First of all, I was never trained to kill babies, kill children, and kill innocents. I was trained to protect my country, yes it involved learning on how to kill someone who is trying to kill me, my squadmates, my countrymen, and my family.

Me and none of my fellow soldiers ever talked like that first interview. Frankly, that interview was an insult and the author really needs to re-think on who real soldiers and sailors really are.
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