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Re: Shyamalan talks about AIRBENDER's "racebending" issues

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This article angered me.

Not for the race issues, but for the fact that he is messing with the timeline.

Aang needs the experience with burning Katara early on as it significantly changes his attitude. I am also upset at the move of Bumi, but his first appearance isn't as critical to the story as Jeong Jeong's.
Last week I was going through the lobby of federal government building, here in Canada. Security guards and cameras all over the place.

A woman, roughly late twenties and well dressed, is walking through with a little girl about 6. The girl is crying. The woman, presumably her mother, hauls off and smacks the girl across the back of the head, hard enough to send her flying forward, and she lands face first on the floor.

The woman then KICKS her as she's on on the ground.

There was a crowd of about 40 people milling around between me and this woman, plus security etc, and no one did anything. I was 30 feet away and outraged and couldn't even get close enough yell at her.

My friend, in the grand scheme of things, there are a lot of things worth getting angry over. The live action movie of The Last Airbender isn't one of them.
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