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Re: Is it me or does TNG look really bad on dvd?

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Screencaps from a TNG and a TOS DVD.
The file sizes are large, but that's because I want to show them uncompressed, and exactly as they appear.
They have not been modified in any way.

Here's a screencap of "Encounter at Farpoint" from my TNG DVD.

Here's a screencap of "Balance of Terror" from my TOS DVD:
Yep, my DVD's look exactly like this. In other words, they are clear and much better than my old VHS versions. No problems here.
True, although TOS does look a bit better than TNG. If you didn't know any better, you'd think the second image was made more recently than the first, at least going by quality. Now, the TNG DVDs do have issues. I don't know how they transferred them, but on occasion they do have quality issues, for example where occasional green stripes will zip up the side, or you can see the tape edge at the top of the screen. I think they transferred all of them from the VHS masters, actually.

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