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Re: long waits on Netflix


Inglourious Basterds has been shipped.

So now we know how to game the system: start a new profile and put all the "long wait" videos in that queue. Netflix has to ship something, since they think you're a different person than your original profile, you know, that bad person who they don't make any money off of because you send the videos back too fast, the new profile won't be throttled.

I'm sure profile #2 will soon get a bad rap as well...but that's okay because oddly enough, my cats have now expressed interest in renting Netflix videos. I guess they'll soon need their own profiles as well.

Kudos to Starbreaker for the suggestion. So much for Netflix's dumbass "business model."

Is the slowdown that some of you are reporting due to being on a higher number of discs at a time, watching everything you get in a day, or a combination? How long were you on Netflix before they started it?
My little experiment has verified my suspicions that the true reason behind not being able to get high demand DVDs for months is that Netflix places a priority on sending out DVDs to people when there's nothing else available in their queue. The way to force the DVD to be sent it to place nothing but wait-listed DVDs in your queue. And since the new profile (who they assume is a new person) doesn't have the bad rap of being a power user, they don't get throttled.

People who do have available titles in their queue don't get as high priority and will end up waiting forever for anything. The best approach is to have a profile where you list everything you want to see and assign zero DVDs to that profile. Move wait-listed titles to your active profiles that have DVDs assigned to them.

And I haven't been returning DVDs any faster than usual lately. If anything, I've slowed down. I've had my account since 2004. It's been a problem for a long time but lately it's gotten worse.

I got my copy of Where the Wild Things Are today. I hope that wasn't in your que Termis.
No it wasn't, Nermys Muck. But that sounds like a movie my cats would just love, doesn't it?

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