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Re: Shyamalan talks about AIRBENDER's "racebending" issues

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This article angered me.

Not for the race issues, but for the fact that he is messing with the timeline.
Why would that anger you? It's necessary to adapt the structure of the story to fit the different medium. This isn't a 3-year animated series with 20-plus episodes per season. It's three 2-hour movies. Naturally the storytelling has to be compressed. The pacing of the series where you introduce something early on and then pay it off a year later isn't something that would work in a movie trilogy.

Besides, the timeline is going to have to be radically changed, because it's going to take years to complete production on all three movies. The series' timeline where the whole thing took under a year isn't going to work in live action; the storyline's going to have to be rejiggered to span several years of story time to be commensurate with Noah Ringer's maturation. So with that being inevitably changed, a few more tweaks to the timeline don't seem so big a deal.
I see your point, but the incident with Jeong Jeong brings to light Katara's healing abilities, Zhao's motivations and tendencies, and Aang's aversion to firebending. Each of these has an impact on the ending of each season.

I just do not like it. I am still going to see the movie and I probably will enjoy it, but being a living Avatar encyclopedia it annoys me that such an important event in the journey is moved to the last film.
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