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Re: March Challenge: Flash

The story of Gul Berat's injuries (that is, the re-injuring that turns out to be permanent) is one that's been in my head for a long time, and it was really good to get it out.

When it comes to the feelings are complex. I feel the Federation absolutely screwed over the colonists and had no right to cede inhabited worlds over to the Cardassians. (As for the Cardassians, they shouldn't have done it on their end either.) I also think the Cardassians made a serious FUBAR by arming their colonists. But the Maquis were out of line, too. And it all comes down to the Federation agreeing to one politically expedient treaty.

I know Gul Berat will always be haunted by what happened. Losing so much in such a senseless act is tough for him--there's the practical issues of coping with his disability, and the trauma itself. Unlike the boy, though, he has more life experience and MUCH more resilience and certainty in who he is and what he wants out of life, to draw upon in adversity.

In the end...the reason I re-injured the character when I borrowed him from Betrayal was this: I felt that this time he would end up really displaying a lot of strength and grace under pressure.
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