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Re: Star Trek: Online: The Needs of the Many - Discussion (Spoilers)

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I just finished this book and it was a much more entertaining and engrossing read than I thought it would be. I'm normally more into a "normal" prose-style of writing, but in this case, the interview-transcription-style worked. In fact, for this specific story, there is no way I can see that it would have worked in another style.

Although it was an enjoyable read, I'm glad this does not take place in the Prime-TrekLit universe. There were a few too many "really?!?" moments.

There were other little things as well:

Those are just some examples.

Plus, the idea of another long, costly war that challenges the Federation's very seems to be a bit much. Yes, conflict is essential for a good story, but the Star Trek universe needs to find new sources for its conflict for a while, rather than rehashing the war theme again (and again, yes I'm aware that this is in the context of STO and not the TrekLit-verse).

But, overall, as I said earlier, it was an engrossing read. I liked the fact that except for a few individual stories, we don't get to read about the Long War overall, or how the war was resolved. I liked the broad range of seriousness vs. not-so-serious in some of the interviews.

I have not played the game, nor do I ever intend to, so I can't say how this might actually fit in with it, but standing on it's own, it's a fairly fascinating look at "what might have been."

sounds like fanboy wank...gonna be real hard to slog through this one.
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