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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz

Partial transcript of 7 February 2375 Earth Gregorian calendar)/ 58th Day of Itara 9376 (Bajoran calendar) edition of The Bek Gillen Program

Bek Gillen: I’ve got some reading material that will be of interest. I’ve gotten a lot of communiqués pointing out that the United Federation of Planets operates by a code of conduct unlike that of the Klingons, the Romulans, and most definitely the Cardassians and their Dominion allies. However, their own laws also indicate instances of when their citizens are allowed to ignore that same code of conduct. How convenient.

First off, here is Starfleet General Order One. “Under no circumstances is any officer or enlistee in Starfleet, as a representative of the primary diplomatic, scientific, and military entity of the United Federation of Planets, to take action that could drastically impact the cultural practices, conceptions of the universe, or the natural social development of a sovereign planetary governing body.

“The sovereignty of any civilization, including, but not limited to, those in a pre-warp or pre-industrial stage of technological development, is to be strictly honored. That is the right of a sentient species, even those with forbears common to one or more Federation member species, but not itself aligned with the UFP, to govern its own people must be observed.”

The rest of it goes into great detail about Federation involvement in the internal affairs of space faring civilizations. Non-aligned worlds that have a formal alliance with the Federation are entitled to certain benefits. That is the case to a greater degree for member worlds, especially to “assure that the rights and liberties guaranteed to all citizens of the United Federation of Planets are observed.”

The Cardassian Union has, or so it claimed sixty years ago, a similar non-interference directive. Of course, that alleged directive was thrown out the nearest airlock when it became inconvenient. Over the years after first contact, it was perfectly clear the spoonheads were in control. And they had no intention of relinquishing that control. Our world’s history before the Great Awakening is also filled with instances where conquerors greeted their future subjects with the words “We are your friends.” Even the “morally superior” United Federation of Planets has justifications for ignoring their own principles.

Starfleet Special Order 66715: Starfleet personnel are granted authority to neutralize security threats to Deep Space 9 by any means necessary. Isn’t that stepping over the line when dealing with a planet not part of the club? True, some exceptions to the rules are necessary in wartime. If that doesn’t convince you, this will shock you.

Article 14, Section 31 of the Federation Charter: “The provision of an independent and autonomous entity, which has broad discretionary authority to counter any threats to the security and prosperity of the United Federation of Planets.”

This is not military information that must remain classified in order for that military to function effectively. This is the Federation Charter, available for any sentient to read. Always beware of the eye that will not see and the ear that will not hear.
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