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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

We've had some contact with Lexington, and they've volunteered to help out, but with them being 150 miles away, I'm not sure if they could help out. Joey's volunteered but his being in Korea, I'm not sure exactly how to put him to work...

I haven't heard from the Hathaway folks, and my last email to Brad bounced.

We probably will be allowing other productions to use our sets. John and Farragut have expressed some interest in that, and we'll be open to it.

Right now, we've got to get the Klingons scenes filmed (if anyone knows any Klingons who'd like to appear in this fan film, let us know!) and the bridge itself built. Was admiring Farragut's construction techniques on their bridge this weekend, and got a few ideas from their pictures about how to simplify the control panel construction immensely.
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