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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

A possible new gig for ZQ.

Andy Samberg has signed on to join Anna Faris and Chris Evans in What's Your Number?, a new R-rated relationships comedy that also has Zachary Quinto in talks to join the cast.

Faris will play a woman who starts to panic, on sleeping with her 20th man, that she's had too many relationships and missed Mr Right along the way. Cue soul-searching, revisiting old boyfriends and no doubt many comedy escapades. Evans will play her womanising next-door neighbour (who we're guessing she'll end up with because, well, dreamy) with Samberg and possibly Quinto as ex-boyfriends
Source: Empire

Sounds dreadful imo but then 99% of these kind of movies are.

Still no news on whether the Gershwin thing is happening or not.
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