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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello all I only just finished completing the registration details for this forum. I am so excited to find such an active forum about Star Trek related topics.

I am 28 living in Australia, I remember late one night at the young age of 13, sick as a dog and my mother let me stay up to watch TV. 11pm rocked around and a show came on that totally took my breath away, "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

After that night I made sure Mum always recorded St:TNG for me every week. Even now at my age I have all of them on DVD, along with ST:E.

My favorite crew member above all others was like many others "Data", so innocent but yet so funny.

I would also add that my favorite area of The Enterprise D is Engineering. I could sit in there for hours and just watch that warp core thumping away. Best warp core out of all series
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