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Re: long waits on Netflix

IIRC, they had one of those 'sign this long legal thingy' a long while back, and I remember them giving themselves permission to throttle somewhere within it.
But throttling means "send DVDs slowly enough that Netflix can make money off them" rather than "don't send certain DVDs ever at all in a hundred billion years"?

The former makes sense. The latter doesn't. Why should they throttle Inglorious Basterds rather than Double Indemnity? Manufacturing costs and shipping costs are the same.

There has to be some difference in cost to Netflix of those two titles. Otherwise, they'd pump out DVDs to match demand, problem solved. I think Inglorious Basterds is demanding a premium licensing fee. Netflix didn't project demand accurately and has exceeded their agreement and they're trying to re-negotiate the deal but the license owner of course is going to jack up the price sky high.

There's just no way that Netflix could have the right to print DVDs of an in-demand new release that cost them exactly the same as the right to print DVDs of movies that have little demand. Yet they've let their customers assume that all movie titles are equally valuable, and that's how their business model is set.

That must be the "broken business model" that the customer service guy referred to. You can't sell a premium product at a discount price. Something's got to give. So they're doing the stupidest thing possible: aggravating their customers. Why should I be aggravated? I didn't come up with their broke-ass business model!

That drives me absolutely batshit crazy. My fiance has been wanting to see Inglorious Basterds for months now and almost doesn't believe me when I tell her that it still has a long wait on it.
Check back in a couple days. I'll tell you if my workaround was a success and then you can use it, too!

Temis, in one of the Blockbuster Sucks threads, weren't you one of the ones championing Netflix in this regard? They had just signed a deal basically agreeing not to carry new releases from one of the companies (forget which one) for a month after release,
That doesn't apply to Inglorious Basterds. People in this thread have said they got it immediately. No, the reason seems to be that I rent and return DVDs at such a fast clip that they are trying to drive me away as a customer by aggravating the fuck out of me. I don't begrudge them the attempt, but I think I've found a way to foil their little schemes.
If you are one of the power users with 100s of movies and TV shows in the queue, then why should it matter if this particular title is taking longer to show up? Is it more important than the other material by virtue of being more recent?
I ignored it for a couple months. Now I've decided I'd like to see it. But really, it's not that one movie. It's that I'm annoyed by their system and I want to find a way to game the system, just for the sake of doing so.

The power users are getting a great value for their money, and it's not a feasible business model for Netflix to plan extensively for those exceptional cases where power users care about getting the newest release right away.
Yeah that's true. The last thing they want is people like me who aren't content for Netflix to make no money off me, but actively seek to undermine their business and will tell everyone about it if I figure out how to do it.

That reminds me, I'm also a Saturn owner. I've had my car for 20 years. Ya wanna know why Saturn is out of business? Because they attracted people like me - who buy a car and keep it for 20 years. DUMBSHITS!

When a business sees me, they better run the other way because if there's a way to drive them out of business, I will find it.

It all depends on the area you are in and which center it ships from couple with how many they have at that center.
That may be part of it, but consider how easy it would be to ramp up DVD pressing in any shipping center and take care of any localized problem quickly. I've seen those industrial DVD pressing operations - production capacity isn't an issue.

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