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Re: long waits on Netflix

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Temis, in one of the Blockbuster Sucks threads, weren't you one of the ones championing Netflix in this regard? They had just signed a deal basically agreeing not to carry new releases from one of the companies (forget which one) for a month after release, and everyone said this wasn't a big deal. You now want new releases quickly? Believe i was told in that one that Netflix customers didn't care about new movies, and ones that did could just use RedBox...

Bash Blockbuster all you want, but this is an area I haven't really had much problem with my online rental service. And because they have physical locations (for now), if I occasionally DO want to see a movie that's stuck in the queue, i can take my mailer to the store instead of mailing it back, and swap it out for a movie there. Works well for new releases that might be slow, or just random older titles that there aren't a lot of...
I like to spread the money around..I occaisionally get stuff via X360 (like new episodes of Batman/Brave Bold or Smallville)...then I use my Netflix streaming (via x360) or, sometimes, hard copies of Netflix (recently THE WINDS OF WAR)...If I have to see a new release so bad that I don't want to wait, I have a Blockbuster right down the street....

But without a doubt I use NETFLIX streaming more than all of the others combined...if new releases aren't that important to you, and you want to see movies that aren't even carried at some Blockbuster because they are old, then you can't be NETFLIX..

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