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Re: Star Trek: Online: The Needs of the Many - Discussion (Spoilers)

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In the opening chapter Jake says he is completing this Project at the request of the Federation Department of Peace and that it's an historical project, not a work of fiction.
Well, that name isn't unsettling at all.
As opposed to, what, the Department of War?

Not every reference to a governmental organization dedicated to peace and diplomacy is necessarily a reference to Orwell, y'know -- nor need we always assume such organizations are named dishonestly, as Oceania's Ministry of Peace was.

Though, for my money, Martin would have done just as well to depict Jake as working for the Federation Department of the Exterior or Federation Diplomatic Corps.
To be fair, the description for the novel does make a point of suggesting that the Federation has changed, its morals have taken a beating or been reconsidered somewhat in the name of pure survival and that Groundsk-*sigh*, Undine have infiltrated all the governments anyway. Maybe that context is making them particularly distrustful of the name. A "Ministry of Peace" in the normal UFP we're familiar with wouldn't be disturbing, it would just be straightforward, but in these circumstances...? A chaotic, bitter Federation under siege and in the midst of fighting a lengthy war? What do they mean by "peace" at this time? Negotiation with the Undine, Klingons etc...or something a little more ominous?
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