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Re: A Cardassian Flagship

DS9 never got the flagship thing right... I never liked the Defiant much, so I won't go into that ship... but for instance General Martok... here is a Klingon General that is highly decorated, and is leading the war effort on the front lines, and participates in many KEY battles, and what does he have? An absolutely piece of shit decades old Bird of Prey. The man should have been given a fricking Negh'Var, for godsakes... it was TOTALLY unrealistic that Matrok's little Bird of Prey survived as long as it did.

Count me as another one who would have loved to see Dukat lead the charge in eliminating the Maquis.
Here here... the Maquis were annoying. I actually cheered whenever Dukat threatened to wipe them from the universe.
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