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Re: long waits on Netflix

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1. Inglorious Basterds - available now
2. The Hurt Locker - long wait
3. The Cove - very long wait
4. The Box - long wait
Out of curiosity, I just added all of these my queue, and they are all available now.

I think Netflix just doesn't like you.
Yep. That's why my roommate will be doing all the heavy lifting from now on or at least until they realize they don't like her, either. But there's plenty more imaginary friends where she came from.
Are you a "high volume" user by any chance?
Yepper. So now my question is this:

Let's say you have one person on an account who goes though 15 DVDs per month. You add another person to that account and together, you go through 15 DVDs per month. Is the first case a high-volume user and the second, not nearly so much since each person is only getting 7.5 DVDs per month?

Even if Netflix treats both cases equally (and logically, they should), if the second person on that account only has a handful of titles in their queue, all of which are high demand, and Netflix has no choice but to send them something, will that override the throttling feature?
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