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Re: long waits on Netflix

Yup. But now my "new roommate" has joined Netflix on my account, all bright and cheerful and hopeful, and Netflix will fall all over themselves sending her those few movies she wants. And I'm sure she can add a couple other new releases very quickly that are also long waitlisted on my queue. But being a very different sort of person from me, she'll never have more than four movies in her queue at any time, and they'll always be the most popular types of movies, never some dumb old movie or foreign flick. Her tastes are soooo bourgeois, but what can I say, she pays her share of the rent, is very quiet and never hogs the bathroom.

And if Netflix were to suddenly decide she's also returning movies too quickly, I can easily give her sorry ass the boot and find another roomie.

I wonder what would happen if you, temporarily, removed all the recent releases from your queue and just put in old stuff.
That's exactly what I'm doing, inasmuch as my roommate just loooves all that crap anyway. Here's what the roomie has in her queue:

1. Inglorious Basterds - available now
2. The Hurt Locker - long wait
3. The Cove - very long wait
4. The Box - long wait

So the question is, how quickly will I get #1 and will Netflix simply refuse to send me, err, my roommate #2-4 once that's returned? Or will they magically become available as well? Hmmm.

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